Dec. 6, 2015 – Readings in Recovery: Today’s Gift from Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation

Sunday, Dec. 6, 2015

Today’s thought from the Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation is:

Sometimes two minuses make a plus.
 — Edith Shannon

What appears to be a problem sometimes turns out to be a most beneficial circumstance. We live only in the present, and it generally takes the perspective of hindsight to get the full meaning of an event. Over the years, we have learned that some of our best lessons actually caused us pain while we were in their clutches. What a relief to be able to see, now, that they had their silver lining. This principle still holds true.

We have had a lot of years to learn to take our experiences in stride, giving them no more weight than they deserve. But it’s easy to forget that it’s the accumulation of them all that defines who we are. The lost jobs, the friends who left, the hurdles in a marriage all played their part in the people we’ve become today. We are who we need to be right now.

I can’t let a setback set me back today. I am evolving right on schedule.

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