I’m Still In Love With You

Why can’t you realize that I’m only here to help. I’m here to be your friend because it seems as though we can’t be nothing more. When your near I cover up my heart so I can’t feel how I want to around you. When you hug me if you decide to, I don’t even close my eyes because I don’t want to imagine the impossible. I have these bottled up emotions that I can’t express to you because thats the last thing you would want to hear, so I hope you realize I’m a good friend.

2 thoughts on “I’m Still In Love With You”

  1. This is exactly how i feel.

    It’s been one year and a half now and i still not over him.It’s hard going back to being just friends.I see him everyday at work.It’s hard to hide my feelings but i just have to.I’m willing to take him only as a friend even if it hurts.I just want him to be happy.Sometimes things don’t work out as we want to.We just have to learn to accept things as they are and to let go when we have to.

  2. Its hard, and I don’t want to walk away. She has no idea how bad I’m hurting still.. I want to bring it up to her but I also don’t want to rain on her parade

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