My perfect date

I still cant believe about what happened last night. One word can define it: perfect!

I will start from Friday: I was bored at my house when I got a text from a boy that I like, then I got really excited when he told me he wanted to see me. So he asked me if we could go out the another day and of course I said yes! I couldn’t believe it, it was so good to be real.

I was ready, he was going to pick me up but as I said, it was so good to be real, my cellphone broke and I couldn’t text him That I was ready, I got really nervous! I waited for him for more than 30 min, so I decided to call a friend and tell her to call him and explain what had happened, and she did.

After that, he picked me up and we went out and make out haha he is so cute and I just want to see him again asap ❤️. I had a great date.

Another thing that made me happy was that on Friday I had gone out with some friends, and I was the one who was “alone” I wouldn’t never guess that in the other day I would hook up with the guy that I like, and yesterday there was a concert in Brazil that I really wanted to go but I couldn’t get tickets, but I realized that not going to that concert was the best option I had. My conclusion is: everything gets alright in time 🙂

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