єηтяу 3: 12-7-2015

                                           мιѕтяєѕѕ кιкι’ѕ тнσυgнтѕ αη∂ ѕυcн

Today for Mistress was a bit of a challenge, I didn’t lay down til 10 am for sleep. Shortly after I fell asleep Devin woke up and my mother showed up. I went with them to go see my grandmother who just got back into town after seeing my great grandpa Poppa Amus. I didn’t eat shame on me but I had planned on sleeping lol. I messaged my girl shortly after arriving home, shortly after that I started cooking dinner and Michael came home. I was so exhausted, I ate then got online to see if my girl was there yet. I was so excited to speak with her. I spent alittle bit of time talking to her before I completely and full with out warning passed out at my keyboard lol. I feel so bad but enough about my day.

About my girls day, I understand being stressed my sweet girl. I hope you dont think I made you work on it to be mean, I have to look out for your best intrest as your Mistress. Toshi sounds sweet I would love to meet him, and your friends. So far you have only met mine. You and tumblr lol, could be worse you could be glued to that pintrest thing. I loved being pounced by my sweet girl however. <3 I enjoy that fat your clingy and caring it who you are, in fact their doesnt seem to be anything I haven’t liked so far. We need to go shopping for some winter wear for you though due to the season. And whats this of scaring me away? Lol If I was gonna get scared away I wouldn’t have taken on your trial. Now your stuck with me. I hope thats good for you too. 

I am glad to see you responced to my responces of the things you would like to do with me. I am also glad to know you preffer to wait on Adult things because then I wont move towards that until I am sure your comfortable completely. I can not wait to do the things on your list and just enjoy our company in general. 

I am planning a surprise come this weekend for my girl if shes a good pup and does everything she needs to not just things for me but her school work too. I am excited t osee how this week pans out.


му яєѕρσηcє тσ му gιяℓѕ αηѕωєяѕ 10 Qυєѕтισηѕ

  1. What kind of job do I have?
  • Pup: I am an administrative assistant at an event venue. I do not like my job it is very boring for me but it is my first job. I have been there two years, it will be three in June ^-^”

(My Responce): Even when you like your job it can be quite boring trust me on that. lol However your job sounds intresting.

2. What if my favorite kind of food?

  • Pup: Pasta! Any type of pasta with white sauce is awsum! I love it

(My responce) Pasta is sooooo good so I can understand it being anyones favorite.

3. Do I have a place I have always wanted to travel to live?

  • Pup: Umm I dont really have a favorite place but I do have places I want to travel, nothing that I think omgah this is so beautiful. I want to travel all over the world to be honest. I want to travel to Canada definitely and just explore.

(My responce) I would love to travel the world as well, but if I could only choose one place it would be Ireland. I don’t know I am just very drawn to it. 

4. If you could only be smart or only happy, which one would you choose and why?

  • Pup: I love your answer Mistress, I would be happy over smart as well. Everyday I strive for that on my own and if it could just come effortlessly and I could just surround myself with people I love I think that would be all I need in life.

(my responce) That is a beautiful answer <3

5. What extracurricular activities or sports did I participate in, while in high school?

  • Pup: I played no sports, I did however do chorus. I also was in an early childhood education class. That’s it nothing really exciting.

(My responce) I love chorus but my singing sounds more like a cat on a fence as a shoe hits it. lol. I love to sing though, if only when I am alone or in the shower or just too happy. Childhood edcuation classes are a good thing never look down on the things you do or have done. Every thing from your past and present make you who you ae today and in the future. ♥

6. What is my favorite type of punishment to give and why? *also least favorite*

  • Pup: Erm… I love spankings >.>” its not really punishment for me, though it can get the point across but it usually just makes me humpy >.< and needy and … yea. My least favorite punishment? I agree on the no communication that would be torture for me with you but it would sort of make my mind start wandering and thats not good v.v negative thoughts dont work. Umm if I had to pick something I suppose it would be gagging me and not allowing me to speak for an extended period of time, during sex gagging is fine but extended gagging wouldnt be fun at all.

(my responce) Hmmm I will have to make a mental note to give you a swat here and there. -giggles- And extented gagging I will remember that, I wouldn’t like to use that ever not unless it was a sever reason. So I think your safe on that, but don’t give me a reason lil missy. 🙂

7. How would I describe myself in three words?

  • Pup: Loving, Positive, Goofy

(my responce) I can testify that all those words deffinately suit you my sweet girl.

8. If I woke up one day and I was a man, what would the first three things I would do before changing back?


  • Pup: 1. I would freak the fuck out and miss my vagina >.< penis is really weird looking to me and it just looks disgusting so yea I would freak out. Like wtf are dis between my legs.
  • 2. I would go shopping! I have always loved mens clothing, and honestly I want to dress in mens clothing so badly, I hate being feminine and having to wear womens clothing that just dont fit well. I would just dress in all the nice clothing and just be all masculine and cute at the same time.
  • 3. Then after picking out the outfits I would probably sit infront of a mirror and masturbate. Just to see what all the fuss was about.
  • Pup: I wouldn’t do that either, its weird. If I turned into a man I probably wouldn’t use my penis. Women taste too good for that lol

(my responce) Lmao so many things to say, one I loved this question it cracked me up even filling out my answers. I would miss my vagina too, I don’t think I could live as a man it just wouldn’t work for me. Maybe we can find some male clothes for you on secondlife to wear that are cute and masculine. I guess if I had 4 things to do I would probably masturebate infront of a mirror too. (0.o)  Lastly, I agree women taste way too good. 

9. Whats my all time favorite Disney movie?

  • Lilo & Stitch! the first one for sure, it was super cute and I loved it.

(My responce) Lilo and Stitch is a close second of mine. I love all of them actually but none we are good as the first. 

10. What is a kink or two that you have not tried that you have been wanting to try or experiment with and why?

  • Pup: I haven’t had experience with many different kinks I mean I pretty much stick with what I like lol and I have yet to practice pup play inrl so yea. Ummm but if I had to choose something I think it would be well… breast smothering would be nice @.@… lol im not really sure to be honest.

(my responce) I think if we do one day down the road move to rl that we could practice your kink in rl. I think it would be enjoyable. I have F cup breats so I think thats also something I could accomadate to. 

                                                        му gιяℓѕ ηєχт єηтяу

I want you to comment and write your thoughts to the answers of my questions. I also want 5 more questions along with your daily writting. Also I want a list for puppy-cluas.


ι αм αℓωαуѕ нєяє тσ ρяσтє¢т уσυ му ѕωєєт gιяℓ
~мιѕтяєѕѕ ƒσχу вαтs ♥

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