You sleep with the dread in your head,
as the ghouls await behind the door to your nightmare
where despair has once again turned you mad
and monsters are in for another scare.

You wake up with no energy
Oh, where could it be?
You wonder silently:
“How could this happen to me?”

You go about your day,
yet you feel like you’re wasting away.
Some may ask if you’re okay,
while others have no idea what to say.

Will it always be like this?
Oh, where was that once eternal bliss?
It’s something that you have missed,
now gone forever in Death’s quickest kiss.

You want to close your eyes tonight.
Will you be strong enough for another fight?
You have too many scars to hide,
yet somehow – deep down inside – you still hope that tomorrow will be alright.


(Jakarta, 5/12/2015 – 4:00 pm)

One thought on ““A DAY WITH DEPRESSION””

  1. I have chronic depression and I feel like it’s that ugly grey sweater you put on and it’s always there under my skin. I go to bed depressed and wake up depressed and not only that was recently diagnosed with bipolar so that doesn’t help and I have adhd and anxiety there are days I just don’t want to get out of bed but I have to there are some days I will lay in bed sad but then next day I get up and start moving because if I keep thinking about it, then I can’t get anything done. And honestly I know there is no normal people out there but I wish for one day I could trade places with someone because every single day I am at war within myself. And the worst part there is no controlling emotions that’s what sucks or the fact all my life I felt with my family I was the one looking inside wanting to be there but always felt different and it’s not that my family doesn’t love me but it’s hard to get them to understand because they don’t know my feelings of every day life.

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