Clear Parting of Ways

It seems cruel that complication is easy to laze about and into and the simple solutions are difficult to choose. Life feels complicated. I’m ready to let you go. It is a simple decision. Another disappointment stacked on top of unfinished conversations.  You used the word ‘commitment’ – I appreciated how you made a commitment to yourself and to me. It saddens me to find you are unable to hold a commitment to yourself. In conclusion, I can’t believe you can commit to me either. And that is ok. This is an act of self care. It isn’t easy. But it is simple.

Once I said my head was exploding and my heart was breaking and that I needed time. You said you felt like we were still walking together. It was a comforting sentiment. Today I take the first step on a new path for me. I’m taking it alone with uncertainty, but a willingness to try something new for myself to make space for the intimacy and relationship for me.

I’m sorry you aren’t here with me. I wish you were, but it is ok that we choose separate paths. I have faith I’ll see you again – either at an intersection or through the woods somewhere along the way. I always wish you sure and steady footing and may you find what you seek.

With all the love in my heart.

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