How can nothing hurt so much?

I am extremely blessed. I have a roof over my head and food. I’m working on my education and barely struggle with anything materialistic. Yet I can’t stop crying. I feel petty and ungrateful. Even though I thank God for having such a meaningful purpose in this world.

I haven’t spoken to my best friend in quite some time. He quickly started dating someone as soon as I said we were over. I’m sure I deserve all this, in some way. I miss him too much. We were destine to fail, two different paths. I just wish it wasn’t the case.

Cause if it wasn’t I would have someone to hold me as I cry, someone to tell me everything is going to be fine. I wish he was the reason I hurt, because then I know eventually the heartache would subside. But i cried long before we were done. It’s why it ended. My anxiety and fears controlled me.

They still do.

3 thoughts on “How can nothing hurt so much?”

  1. I get it and it’s so hard I have anxiety on top of adhd depression and bipolar but you should what might help when your having a anxiety attack write down your feelings and after read it it may help you see what is going on

  2. That’s a great idea. Thank you for your advice! This is my first time participating in an online journal. I’ve had a hard time connecting with those around me because they think I’m over reacting and they just don’t understand. I’m not seeking for attention, I just need to be able to function everyday and now my anxiety is getting in the way of learning and ultimately ended my romantic relationship. I don’t want to be broken forever. I’m trying to find new ways to cope with it. Thank you again!!

  3. Hun I feel you I am going thru that now I was just recently diagnosed with bipolar and anxiety and trust me your not overreacting the anxiety attacks suck but might also help is therapy I go every Tuesday and they can help you with better coping skills I am trying to write in my journal every day and I am going to do yoga it helps so I’m told and I’m going to be going back to college trust me I am working my way to functioning also so if you need to vent I can give you my email or Facebook name I know that sometimes I need to vent when I get an attack

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