It’s finally the day

Today just went by faster than I thought but yet I was happy. When I got out of school I wanted to go be with my mom but I had to get home to shower. My sister was actually in the hospital with my mom at that time so my mom wasn’t alone, it was nice to know that. I got home and showered I also did a little bit of homework meanwhile Manuel showered. I then got a phone call from my sister that my mom was able to come home already I was honestly really happy and excited that she would come home, I just couldn’t wait. On my way to the hospital I was really excited that I just wanted to get there already. When I got there my mom already had everything packed such as her clothes and all her flowers visitors had taken. I got there little late so she was already being taken outside so I just helped carry her belongings. My mom had to leave in my brother in law’s car since the car we had was high for her to reach well it was her van but when she uses a lot of strength it gives her more pain. When we got home I held on to her so she wouldn’t fall or anything. Once we got to the door she got really dizzy that she was already falling so then we had my uncle come out to help her. When she walked in my dog well mom’s dog Chewy was really happy to finally see her he just kept wagging his tail and running everywhere. It was nice to finally have my mom back home. 

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