Sleepover at Naomi’s – Seiko Shinohara’s Diary




I’m at Naomi’s house at the moment. She doesn’t know that I’m writing in her favourite blue pen, but she won’t mind – even if she does find out – because Naomi is wonderfully forgiving, and this pen appears to have an interminable supply of ink! I love the colour. It’s bright and fluorescent and shiny on the paper, and the azure colour represents hope. Ayumi would argue that it represents a lot more than ‘boring-old-hope’ (she’s into all this occult stuff that I can hardly comprehend) but to me that’s all it is. Simple, right?

Despite the fact that Naomi banished me to her spare futon at one point, today was awesome. I’m not going to describe school, because all the lessons we had today were thickly academic and I’m into more creative subjects. Naomi is great at everything. She’s so beautiful, so intelligent, so funny, so awesome… I could go on and on, and also elaborate on her bust, but that’s rude, so I won’t. Actually, this is my personal diary… No! I’m blushing too hard!

So, after school, I dragged Naomi to my locker and told her to wait. I love my locker. I don’t know how many times I’ve described it. It’s plain on the outside, but has a totally colourful and welcoming interior. Old photos of all my friends, loads of Naomi and I, and tons of sketches! I love to design fun, new hairstyles and draw cute little puppies and kittens! I don’t know which I prefer, really! Probably cats… I remember getting a swelling, depressive sensation in my stomach when I caught sight of Mayu’s photo. I remember that day. She was auditioning for a main role in that play.

Suzumoto is like the second sweetest girl ever! Okay, maybe Naomi isn’t that sweet, but she’s a total cutie pie! We headed to Naomi’s house, then set up the bedroom. I was upset Naomi didn’t want me to sleep with her. We were besties, after all! Maybe she already knew about my secret crush on her… Eek! We opened some chocolate soda. Dad called me at one point. He’s such a worrywart! Yuu spoke on the phone with me, too. He’s a big boy now, the older brother, nine. I could hear Natsumi alert us that dinner was ready. It’s funny, Naomi only has her mum and no siblings, and I only have my dad, with three younger ones. I’m the woman of the household, to them. A mum. Sometimes they call me that by accident!

We ate, and I had a nice conversation with Natsumi. Naomi is so lucky to have a mum as nice as her. She and I talked about Mochida. Naomi was blushing like crazy and awkwardly nibbling on her food. I wish I could make Naomi flush that cute vermillion colour. I feel a tight pang of jealousy whenever she and Mochida laugh together, blush together, whisper, hug, even make eye contact… They both really like each other, and a sheepish guilt always drowns my sins whenever I feel slightly envious. I love Naomi. And even when her and Mochida start dating, I’ll support them.

Oh no, I’m whimpering now, and I haven’t even got to the best part of the sleepover! I’d never ever been on a sleepover before, so this was surreal. Natsumi suggested we take a bath. Naomi told me that she’d call when she was done, however, Natsumi told us we should go in together, as it would be quicker and we were both girls. I swear I got a palpitation, sending my other random thoughts seething.

Naomi stood uncomfortably as I stripped, then her expression intensified as I proceeded to remove her clothes. It must have been weird of me, because Naomi seemed sort of unsure. We both got in, and she lathered up my back. Her breasts pressed against me, setting off a firework in my lower abdomen. Her body was so perfect, and blinded me with a hormonal trance. I suddenly couldn’t resist, and lunged for her. Let’s leave it at that…

Naomi finally obliged to my request of sharing a bed. We both snuggled up, and soon she was out like a light. I’m lying here now, thinking about the culture festival tomorrow, and how Mayu will leave Kisaragi Academy for her new school. Ayumi is bound to use it as an excuse to perform some kind of spiritual thing. I hope it all goes well…


Goodnight, diary…

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