26 holly-not-so-jolly

Difficult to get into the spirit of the season. I am up and I’m down. Understandable I suppose. But I don’t want to feel this way. I know it will pass. Sister’s youngest was planting bulbs at her resting place yesterday. Hurt my tender heart. We got our tree on Sat. While I was not in the spirit, nor were the children, H was so good about gently nudging us on. We all went and had a great time! Chose a gorgeous tree! The tree farm we went to is not far from us and is a lovely little place. The owner does wounded and orphan wildlife rescue. They have 3 owls currently in their care. 1 barn and 2 screech. Such fascinating creatures! They had a fire burning outside and warm cider. A perfect currier and ives print.

I just want to eat. The low points are like that. Just want to eat and sleep. D is spending too much time in her bed. “Caving” as she calls it. In bed with her shades drawn. I tell her it’s unhealthy, but what do I know?

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