Beginning of the End


So, my first entry. I may not write often, this is a tool. An anonymous path to pour all those intangible and ever elusive emotions that meld into one to make such a unique psyche. The birthing of such a sublimely bittersweet existence, where all the agonies only serve to enthrone the majesties of life and love.

So this I say is an end, but what is the end but a new beginning? This is the beginning,then, the beginning of my end.

The End of Everything

So this is it

The end of everything

Is here with me.

And I’ll walk,

alone, so cold, into that dark,

And somewhere let there be

a single flame for me.

And what a flame to see,

the final hope,

beacon of the free.

Such a bitter path

to lead me here,

The end of everything

calls to with me.


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