my love hate relationship with golf.

went to the driving range last sunday to try out my “new” driver; i used husband’s old driver but changed the shaft and grip. it was easier to swing the “new” driver although i still do a shit job.

my attitude towards golf has changed ever since i decided to take a break before attending classes again. back then i practiced twice a week, hoping that i would make enough progress to learn something new in the next lesson, only to see myself performing very inconsistently, and ending up learning just one thing during the 10 hour class- the full swing with a 7 iron. learnt nothing but only that. no driver swing, no wood swing, no putting, no chipping, no pitching. i was that bad.

so during this 3 months break i picked up the shattered pieces myself. i learnt to not obsess over the wrist hinge, but obsess over the entire feeling of the swing instead. i practiced swing “slow and smooth”, and made sure my downswing is in the right tempo as my upswing. i saw progress in my swings. the good ones are really good (and of course the bad ones are still shitty) and there are less mediocre ones. then i managed to break the “curse”. just because this ball didnt fly doesnt make the next one would be the same. i feel i have more ability to correct my swing so that a slightly better one would follow after a shit one.

without having a deadline for myself to make progress, im enjoying my time at the driving range more. and now that i am beginning to swing with my driver and wood (i kinda guessed how to do it so there’s only 50% chance that my ball would go far rather than crashing into the grass) im more motivated to keep trying. focus is on how the swing feels like.

should be starting classes again in january. but i will go for a 4 hours (ie 4 lessons) only. i dont know if my coach and i are a good fit. he always wants me to swing exactly the way he states thus he fixates over the tiniest details. i think thats why i spent 10 hours just on wrist hinge and 7 iron swing. i prefer if he can focus on the swing as a whole first, then fixate over the tiny details. im not turning pro. i just want to enjoy my game.

we will see how my golf turns out in january after resuming clases. im tempted to change coach. or, ask him to teach me the driver/wood swing then we will part ways and i’ll practice on my own.

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