My story.



I’m the definition of complicated, confusion, and weird. I am too sensitive, but I hardly ever cry. I’ve been bullied, well, my entire school life. I’m the nicest and friendliest person you’ll ever meet but still, I’m an easy target. That’s why I hide and run away from socializing with people. I’m introverted. My boyfriend is the complete opposite of me. My anxiety and my issues overwhelm me to a point where I have to escape. So I use a blade to do so. I stopped a few weeks ago because it didn’t take me anywhere. In fact, it made me more miserable! It created problems that never existed and I nearly drowned. I have trust issues. I put my faith in some people for them to trow it back at me. It’s okay. It is over. I’m done changing myself to please people. This is who I am. Socially awkward and lazy, and quiet, but cute. My taste in music involves indie music like Bad Suns and some really hardcore metal. I write. A lot. I love writing letters instead of texting. My eyes remind me of chocolate. My favorite ice cream is COOKIE DOUGH BECAUSE …yeah.  And yeah… I took the ASVAB and I pretty much failed the entire auto shop and mechanics part. 




Transpose by Bad Suns

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  1. ‘im done changing myself to please people’

    so glad you said that, self love is so important in this crazy world.
    i understand how anxiety can be a paint in the butt.
    look up a group called ‘expanded counciousness’ (not sure i spelt that right!!)

    alot of stuff there could help you.

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