When is Life Going to Get Better

I don’t know how my life could get any worse than it is with this family. They don’t understand what they are doing to me or anyone else that is having to deal with the drama and arguments they are making. Fighting with one another and creating tension in the family is not what needs to be happening. But no one ever understands that, because they don’t know how it is affecting me. I’m the one that is here 24/7, I’m the one that has to hear the fighting and all the complaining that goes on. I can’t take it anymore having fighting all my life isn’t helping me. I am trying to not become this negative and critical person but having a family that is like that all the time isn’t easy. I’m wanting to run away already; I just want to get out of here and not have to deal with this anymore. I’m graduating soon I should be looking forward to that and be happy that I am starting my future but all I can think about is graduating so that I can get away from this family and not have to handle this stress anymore. I just want a normal life or even just have us happy for once and no more of this.

3 thoughts on “When is Life Going to Get Better”

  1. my first public entry read, and im left with a frown 🙁
    i can inly suggest getting out of the house more?
    take up some yoga, with the right instruction it can help you feel good with yourself, self love is very important in this crazy world.
    i hope things improve for you.

  2. recklesslife, I hope things get better for you. I obviously don’t know any of the specifics of your situation and even if I did, I would never assume that I know exactly how you must be feeling.
    If I may make a suggestion – really try to use this site as an opportunity to vent, whether private or public. Writing doesn’t work for everyone but it’s worth a shot!
    From approximately 6th grade – senior year I had many problems with my parents. During my senior year, I was so stressed and I was always fighting with my mom so I decided to write to her in a journal each day. If nothing happened that day, I would google the history of that specific date. If we got in a fight, I would write to her and let her know all of my feelings that I couldn’t articulate in person.
    The important thing is to try to find the love.
    I’ll always have open ears. Best wishes!

  3. Thank you both for the comments…I never wrote before so it was defiantly a new experience for me but it felt good to let it all out. I am going to continue to write and get everything off of my mind so that I don’t get overwhelmed anymore. Thank you again.

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