Entry 1

I guess I’ll just start with what happened today. I went to a new neurologist today for my migraines and dizziness. She prescribed me this medication to prevent the headaches. I forget the name but in slightly higher dose it is an anti-depressant. Which I think it will be really good for me. Nobody knows but I have depression and self harming tendencies. I have to keep it hidden from my family because my rents will flip and I can handle it myself. I think being able to write it all down will really help me through it. Ew I just noticed how many times I’ve started sentences with “I”. Ugh fuck it.

In other news, today in play I got to work more on my song Hakuna ¬†Matata. We are doing Lion king and I’m Timon. Its pretty fun. Although I do have to get my Pumba to do the right choreography. He’s in 6th grade and has never really been in a big production like this. It’s a bit weird though that I have to sing lower than Pumba does, but I’m okay with it. I like singing lower. I love singing a lot but is really fucking hard to do melodies in Swahili.

Jesus fuck these meds are making me hella tired. Which I guess is good because it helps my insomnia. So I’m going to bed.

Peace out, bitches! (Vulcan salute)

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