Life. Who knows what the point really is? Make money, be happy, change the world… What does it all come down to? We are all going to die and be forgotten eventually. Does anybody really care about like, who invented the cell phone? No, we just use them and get attached. Could you imagine life without one? Life without tv or internet or computers? Welcome to my world. I’m still young but I’m mature, I see things even many adults fail to admit to realize.

Perhaps we are not meant to have a purpose to our lives, although we do attempt to be the best we can. Is there really a such thing as destiny? Coincidence? Luck or Karma? Is there a greater power, or do we just not have any other way to explain the unexplainable? Is there really a way to continue advancing the way we have over the centuries but return to the old morals of loyalty, trust, truth, and love?

Honestly People just don’t care for each other the way we used to. It used to be that if someone was in need we stepped up, offered help, and they didn’t have to be afraid to accept. Like all the Syrian refugees: Turkey has a place for thousands of them but they refused the offer. Why? Because they fear for their lives, privacy, families?


3 thoughts on “Life”

  1. when your lieing on your deathbed (hopfully nice and old) money and possessions mean nothing, the only way you’ll be remembered is the way you’ve effected everyone/thing youve met, aim to make that a positive effect every day and every time… now thats a life worth living.
    im richer than i could ever of hoped tobe, but im not wealthy.
    surround yourself with like minded people and it’l be magical.
    peace out x

  2. Hi Belikova, I liked reading your journal, and, even though I don’t really know what to say and I don’t have any answers to your questions…I mean, I just read your bio and I guess I want to say that I’d be glad to listen, if you ever wanted to talk or anything.

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