Thinking about this all the time!

I have been thinking about new design on GoodnightJournal for about a month now. Maybe over a month. It took me almost 2 months to develop a plugin that I can use on main feature on GoodnightJournal and it is finally good enough to actually use it on site. Yes, it is not perfect but just good enough to take a first step. I will of course spend more time to make it better and this improvement will never end!

Decided to go with one of my theme Simtiful for the main layout and will add more modifications on features on the site. The biggest mistake I have which I’m very well aware of is I did not really make actual design of the new site. I have been thinking about this for long enough time I think I can just work on things our of my head. There will me lots of tweaking but this will work out well.

Although I have the new design in my head, I still need to list out things I need to do to get the new design and some more details I need to add. I would say I got about 10% done now maybe less but just can’t wait to show it to everybody. Hope I can just focus on this projects all day for about 2 weeks!

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