“DONE WITH THIS (A Sense of Emotional Detachment)”

I don’t strive to be noticed
I just want to do my best
You may find others for your centre stage,
while I’m like that minor character,
lost in your book-pages.

I don’t look for acknowledgment
I may sound hypocritical,
but I am done aching for your attention
It’s your turn to make things right,
instead of wanting me to be whatever you like.

I’m not dying for your appreciation
Let it be my job that you’ll go unmentioned
You may believe that I’m always there,
but someday soon – you may not find me anywhere.

Do I want your love?
No, what you’ve said and done to me are already more than enough
For long, I have set you free
There’s no need for you to worry about me.

I don’t fight for you,
not even when you want me to
I’m not sure you’ll do the same for me too
Perhaps it’s just me and my trust issues.

Maybe you’re right; this is the dead end
Lack of understanding won’t even make us decent friends
No worries, I won’t take this too personally
In fact, I still hope for you to be happy.


(Jakarta, 10/12/2015 – 7:14 am)

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