I Don’t Give A Shit!

I’m done. I’m done being all nice and sweet. I’d let it go before. I forgave and gave him the benefit of the doubt because i know i’d have some part in what happened. But now i’m not. He’s gone way too far . He never loved me.  Ive always tried to be nice to people ,but every time it fucked me over. I’m done with being nice. I’m done with choosing my words and side stepping everybody’s feelings. I’m done with being quiet all the time. I’m pissed off. I’m tired. Don’t treat me like i’m shit. What happens next isn’t my fault. I can’t control it. You wanted a bitch. I’ll give you a bitch. I’m letting loose. I’m gonna be blunt. I’m going to not  care about you as much as you don’t care about me.  Thanks to you i’m stronger. . I won’t take it anymore. I’m not the nice , innocent girl you once knew. I’m different. I guess you are too.

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