Well, it’s pretty late here now…four past eleven when I started writing this, almost twelve now (I got distracted by fanfiction and tumblr). I’ve slept later than this before (my record is about four am–the time I stayed up to read a four-dozen-chapter-long fanfiction on the internet) but I already feel tired. I can’t sleep though, because lots of stuff has been happening and all and my body and brain are super excited.

Anyway. I just felt like I haven’t written anything here in a long time, and I thought I should update it…

Exams finished today (no, not finals, those are in January) and I did horribly. Failed a bunch of my nine subjects with my classmates.

Now, back to reading fanfiction…I’ve started a twenty-six-page one and I like finishing them in one sitting!

Strange to see so many different new writers on this site. The old guys are gone…my old friends here…it feels very odd to see so many new “faces”. I think I’ll read a few journals from other people, just to check them out. I like reading about other people. It’s why I started this journal WAY WAY BACK…like, my epic journal origin story involves a deleted first journal when this site was basically just starting out, and now this one, with all its super long ramblings and emotional melodramatic teenage ups and downs. I think my own life is boring actually, but I like it when people read and comment, just like I like reading and commenting on other people’s thoughts and rants (especially grammatically correct ones. I can’t tell you how much I like reading things with good grammar and punctuation–especially fanfiction).

Anyway, good night/morning/afternoon where you are! Hope you have/had a terrific Friday!

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