my very first journal, written with anger.

Hi there, i don’t even know why am saying Hi, this is my first time writing a journal so i will start with brief details of my life. I am 22 years old and I live in the UAE. people usually don’t know my country unless i say Dubai. i am a local emirati person and i have lived a quite save life, my country is civilized and save and i got all i needed. What was disturbing me in my entire life is judging people and my own family. they still think of marriage as an inevitable destiny and i don’t see anything wrong in living a simple life where i wake up, make myself a breakfast, head to work and come home at night to watch a movie or have a nice dinner with a friend. What really got me angry and made me write this down on this particular day is that my mother opened the subject with me and I told her in simple words that i imagine my life in a different way, i see myself as an independent lady who runs a business and have a nice job, fills her life with fancy goals and good time with friends, no kids no husband and no commitment i don’t want to have in my life. she lashed at me saying that we can’t move an inch without a man and a life without a husband or a brother is like a prison. and i know that all this came out of her judgmental close minded thoughts. I don’t care what people think of me because they would always find a way to see the bad in me and talk about day and night. i want to be who i want to be, and i don’t have to have a husband in my life to be save and successful, i really feel the need to crash something write now but at least i wrote it out.¬†


thank you for reading 

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