Writing Again

I really need to reestablish positive daily habits and am writing again now for essentially the same reason I did yesterday; I need to break the patterns of laziness and obsessing over my health that I have allowed to take over my daily life.  Today has really been about the same as every other day lately.  I wake up, look around the internet, work for a couple of hours, and then get tired and lazy.  I am going to force myself to run a couple miles after submitting this entry.

It’s really strange that I am able to write this anonymously but I am still nervous about how personal I should get with these entries.  Regarding how to structure my journal entries I have been thinking about the following “themes” to visit in the future:

-What I did today and what I wish I had done differently

-What if anything I am currently reading.  If nothing, why not?

-What I am currently watching/interested in

-What do I fear?

-What am I praying for/about?

-Did I drink today?  Will I drink today/this week, etc.

-What did I accomplish in my work today?

-What current events have stuck out to me?

I guess this isn’t really a “journal” quite yet.  It’s almost like I’m trying to internally prepare for how to go about doing this before I just kind of dive right in.


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  1. This is me right now, trying to break the daily routine. I know at some point the change will be an action not only a thought. I guess we need a motive

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