Im always worrying…

I hate that im with a guy that treats me like total crap.. :/ Hes constantly putting me down, calling me names, and being so disrespectful..  I wish it would all change.. I have no trust for him because of all the things hes done to me… Cheating, and lying… I go out of my way to make him happy or atleast try and nothings good enough.. i suprise him with things hes always ungreatful about out.. Hes abusive both verbally and physically. But why do i stay? I dont get why i cant leave.. I get so close to leaving and i always back down.. 🙁 i know i deserve better, because no one deserves to be treated like this… 🙁 im hopeless… im always accusing him of things.. i get jealous when other girls walk by.. i even accuse him at work.. because i know what kind of person he is.. i hate being in this type of relationship but i cant seem to walk away 🙁

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