It worked!

My big plan worked! I’m super happy!

In other news, I made this new scrub to get rid of my self harm scars on my arm. Arm scars are harder to hide, hip and leg ones are easier. Anyway, I’m able to wear short sleeves again! If any one wants  the recipe just say so in the comments. Its hella simple. I gotta visit some relatives tomorrow. We’re gonna decorate a tree. I got a new strapless dress that i’m going to wear. Kinda why I needed to get rid  of the scars on my arm. they aren’t fully  gone but nothing a little concealer can’t cover up. I havent seen them since the summer and I’m not really looking forward to it. I hate talking to people I barely know. Maybe I’ll make it through the night with out gouging my eyes out. We’ll see.


Peace out, bitches! (Vulcan salute)


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