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This is my very first blog post. You can call me Skye. Although that’s not my real name that’s going to have to do for now. I know that nobody will ever read this but I thought making this blog would be a pretty cool idea. I have a lot of best friends but my bestest friend is Nancy. Everyone sees her as the sweetest girl and that’s because she is. She literally has no flaws whatsoever and she’s absolutely gorgeous. Her and her boyfriend, Josh, have been dating for about a year and 2 months. They’re a really cute couple but are the complete opposites. He’s not the nicest person but he loves her. Then there’s my 2 guy best friends. Andrew and Jake. Andrew I occasionally have crushes on because he’s so sweet and has the most beautiful blue eyes. You could get lost in them. I know I have. Then theres Jake. My not so gay, gay best friend. His boyfriend Jackson and him have been dating for a little bit over a year and they’re pretty darn adorable, I should also mention that they have a ldr. What you should know is that Jake and I have something. It’s no love, at all. It’s kind of like friends with benefits? I guess that’s how I could put it. So, him and his boyfriend have this agreement where he could do whatever he wanted with anyone else as long as it wasn’t sex. That being said the first thing Jake wanted to do was feel a girls boobs for the first time… What better girl to have a secret like that than with your best friend, right? That’s kind of our secret. We did a lot of sexual stuff one night when we were having a sleepover and I don’t really regret it. He’s hot. Then theres one of my close friends, Lili. She’s what you call outgoing. She’s completely blunt but super nice. I like her very much and that’s all I could say right now because the best way to describe her is that she’s friendly and very talkative. Yesterday was the night of the school dance. I was going there expecting complete crap and boredom but oh my god I had the most fun I have ever had. My legs are really sore from all the dancing I did and I have been limping all day. I had a great time and I looked amazing. I think I’m going to try to update this blog as often as I can because I really feel like I have a lot to say that I usually can’t say. I’m not going to bed yet but I should stop here because it’s 11 pm on a Sunday night and I have school tomorrow. FYI, not really looking forward to it. I need more sleep. Night.

~ Toodles, Skye.♡

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