Today is the first day i will perform in GCC with ums carollers.. currently im sitting alone here without a friend to talk to. The other carollers got friend besides them while me.. nahhh im just sitting here playing with my phone writing my diary. I just pretend to be a cool person since im the only person who never attend the practice with them. So.. hello from the other side.. hahahaha yaaa laugh until you cry.. the best feeling ever

But.. right now.. im typing my diary without smiling or laughing.


Today i will smile and enjoying my life. Please la my mind.. stop thinking about him. There must be a reason for all this happen. God prepare me another good man with a big heart. I know this will hurt when thinking that i will never be with him. But.. the time wull pass.. i just wait and be patience. We have so much memory together. We have been together since October 2013 if im not mistaken and now its December 2015. Its already 2years.. i have not been in this long relationship. This is the first and its my first time bring a man into my house and meet my family. Its really hurt.. but i still manage to smile soo.. heyy im alive!!

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