My Life

I’m so tired of my life. It’s not other people it’s me. i’m the one that makes the worst of things. Let me tell you about my life a little. My home life isn’t what i think it is. My story on my home life is my mom really doesn’t care a bout me she’s fake toward me. if i get hurt and i tell her she’ll ask my if i’m o.k.. but you can tell that she doesn’t really care. To my family i’m dumb my grades aren’t what i want them to be. and school is a completely different story. I lost my soul at school last year i was this funny girl but i was a nobody. now that people started to notice me i forgot how to laugh and my stories aren’t funny. because i realize that i’m talking to popular people. And my friend well she’s not really my friend well she’s not really my friend. we were best friends at the beginning of the year i even joined her basketball team but she never really talks to me i mean im still her friend but she jumps from best friend to best friend in a second i just want a best friend who i can talk to and will understand my life. And my love life is a joke because everyone in my school has a love life but then theirs me that if a boy tries to even talk to me i freak out inside and say stupid things i can’t date last relationship i had was in the 6th grade and it was this really big guy who was super funny and then we were walking to the bus one day and i said ” Nobody gets me like you do” And that gave him the wrong idea so ask me out the next day. I didn’t want to say no so a said sure and then after that he took a picture of me and i probably looked fugly. but IDk . After that i got awkward i had to close friends back then and During a pep rally they made me sit by him and it went down hill because we couldn’t even talk to each other the next day i broke up with him well not me i asked a friend to do is i know right that’s foul. I couldn’t live with my self after that i was so mad at my self and he never talked to me after that i felt really bad and i still do now considering he’s in my french class this year.


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