my thoughts

just gettin ready to watch some scary movies with ashley,while we wait for michael and the boys, to go to bed so we can wrap Christmas presents. Yep its nearly that time again! Im very excited about our first Christmas in Georgia!We had our Senior Banquet at our church tonite. Ashley, Michael, Me, and Randy went. We each got a gift, and we ate dinner as well. It was fun! The food was good,and the gifts were nice. We are done shopping,now just gotta wrap everything and put it under our tree. I am very tired.I could use a good ol hot soakin bubble bath,with candles lit,followed by a long back massage!!!! But i can keep dreaming,lol! Im fixing to go smoke me a cigarette with Ashley out on the carport.Just wanted to write a few lines, and say thank you,Lord,for blessing us with a great day! I pray for those less fortunate than us,may u bless them LORD! Please keep us safe from harm! Im going for now,but i will write more later!!!!xoxoxoxoDMM



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