Exam Results

So, results are out, and guess what? I failed seven of my nine subjects, some of them by a few measly points that I could have easily gotten by just getting two more freaking multiple-choice questions right. Funny. English score is first in the grade, Chinese is tenth, and everything else is…down below. My Chinese is good, seriously, and I’m proud that those two scores added together are sixty-two points higher than my class captain’s English and Chinese scores. I mean, his average score in all our subjects is higher (because of his other subjects, which are all better than mine) but…

Why am I comparing myself to my class captain anyway.

We’re not friends or anything.

Plus he annoys my friend, the one who’s two years younger than I am. He keeps insinuating that she has a crush on her old deskmate, and even though it is highly likely that it’s true and MY deskmate/friend thinks so too, my friend (let’s call her XY for her initials) gets really offended and touchy when anyone mentions it.

We have two class captains, actually. The other one, the shorter one, KW, has better grades and is really a very decent person. ZS, the one with lower-than-average English and Chinese grades, is nice too, I guess, in a more aloof way, and he is REALLY good at physics. His English and Chinese scores are low but he makes up for them by getting high physics scores. He’s the best in physics in our class, I’m the best in English, no one is really “the” best in Chinese or math, our flag-holder-person (not sure what to call his job in English) is the best in chemistry (but no one ever asks him to help or explain anything because he has no friends and he doesn’t seem to like anyone, at all).

Today I cried a little over how terribly I did in my exams–even though I know everyone did just the same as me, just with slightly more even grades. So my deskmate, the one with short hair, made me run with her in gym. She didn’t do so well either–her ranking has dropped–so I guess she wanted to burn off some of her disappointment and sadness over her grades.

I was just procrastinating, so…good night. I’m off for half an hour or so of chemistry practice (fun–not. Have I mentioned that my chemistry sucks?? I think I probably have) before bed. Have a great day and good luck on everything, if you need it. Until next time.

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