First entry

Been a member of this site for a while, I enjoy reading entries but have never plucked up the courage to write a diary of my own, I did have an online diary years ago on a site that shut down, so here I am starting all over again!

I am on holiday from work this week, the weather was horrible today and freezing , also my husband had taken the pram to his work by mistake so me and my daughter had a lovely chilled day. It is so rare that we don’t have any plans. We played, did some finger painting, she napped and I watched tv and made soup. She is 15 months old and just amazes me every day! She loves to read her books: she opens them up and just babbles away to herself! It’s very cute. Just watching tv now while my husband does his work on his computer, I’m away to go to bed , good night! X

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