If I had gone…

Everything I wanted was to be invited to go out with him again! I got so exited when he texted me asking if I would like to go to a party with him, even that I couldn’t that day, I was happy because he wanted me to go with him. He begged, but I couldn’t go and he understood, he told me that we could do it another day then. But I can’t stop wondering what would have happened if I had gone

I know we would hook up, but I don’t wanna just hook up with him, I wanna more. I wanna know about him, I wanna laugh with him, I wanna share amazing moments with him. If I had gone would it have happened? 

It wouldn’t be less than amazing: there were going to have beers, we were going to be home alone at his friend’s, he was going to drive me home when the party was over, and we would be together… But I didn’t go.

i can’t stop imagine how we would be now if I had gone and it sucks! Damn it. How amazing would it be? I would meet his friends! He wanted me to meet then!!! Omg it was everything that I have always wanted.

And now it’s holiday time and I’m traveling in about 2 weeks, I need to go out with him before that. Thanks it’s summer now and school is over!


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