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I went christmas shopping yesterday. I wasted almost $200. Today was kind of crappy. I don’t know why but I just had a shitty day. Anyway, I wanna share my personal feelings about someone. In my last post I talk about Lili so you may be a little familiar with her. I don’t know why but recently everything she does keeps bothering me so bad. I feel like shes trying to steal one of my best friends, Andrew, and it annoys me because she will flirt with him like crazy even though hes made it clear that he doesn’t want anything with her. I don’t know. I’m just really over protective over my friends and Andrew just went through a break up that hurt him pretty badly. He really loved her but it just turned out that in the end she didn’t feel the same. I’m so tired of people hurting him. I wish he would just listen and not go for those girls. Why can’t he see whats right in front of him? I don’t really understand boys sometimes. In this post entry I wanna talk about my ex. Connor. He’s the boy that I’ve dated for the longest time (6 months) but I ended it a few months ago in the summer because it was a toxic relationship where I constantly felt like absolute trash and extremely sad. When we broke up I felt this giant weight lifted from my shoulders. I was sad because I had just broken up with someone who I thought I was going to spend the rest of my life with and I was completely in love with. Isn’t it kind of crazy how you start to realize how terrible they are after it’s all over? He told his friends that after 2 months he was unhappy with me and didn’t want to be with me. Lies. When I broke up with him he begged me to stay. But I couldn’t take it anymore. I couldn’t take the constant arguing. When someone brakes up with someone else nobody really asks the person who ended it if they’re okay. I know that because in every relationship I’ve been in I’m always the one to end it except for this one relationship. Anyway, I was hurt. But nobody really seemed to care. Which made the pain worse than ever. I recently ended a 2 day relationship with this new boy Marc that I liked in the summer but nothing really happened until now. I ended it because I felt like I wasn’t ready to be hurt again or treated the way I was treated before. Although it was only a 2 day relationship he was really hurt. I meant to end the relationship but not the friendship. He’s been really rude to me since then but I don’t really say anything because I know he has stuff going on at home. But that just proves my point. Boys suck. I’m just so afraid to be mistreated again. I know not all guys are the same believe me I know but that doesn’t mean I’m not afraid.

~ Toodles, Skye.♡

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