Anxiety Thoughts

Okay as of right now I am having a anxiety attack. I understand that my boyfriend is giving me tough love because he sees potential in me that I can do better with my life. And he has sent me a video we did get to text a bit more and he called me because I was dumb and got drunk and took shit out on me and I need to stop excepting more and accept what is given to me. But right now all I can think about is that I know for a fact he loves me and we both about to get busier so how will we make time for us as a couple on top of that will I see him Christmas will I get to see him New Years like everything is still up in the air. And I think to myself after one month of being with me I smothered him and chased him away and now he needs three months of space so I can get my life in order so we have a healthy relationship which is awesome but when I got to talk to him when he sent me that video it was amazing but also depresses me even more because I want to see him in person so bad and my actions are what caused this because I am fucked up and why would he want to be with me. I just don’t get it. I have made a lot of progress as of late and I am very happy that I am finally getting my life on track. I just as of late don’t know who I am. I have bipolar disorder since birth and not knowing till like 3 months ago and my friend said to not let this disorder define who I am but it has defined me for so long how do I find me and am I worthy of my boyfriend’s love, kindness, forgiveness, and trust when I just feel like a huge screw up. And will he in March still want to be with me, still love me the same way. And what if I do the same shit and he leaves again. I am just at a loss and wonder if I am worth all this trouble. I love him so much and sometimes I just want to tell him to forget about me and move on to someone so much better that wouldn’t hurt him and break his trust like I did…. 

And why would he want be with me if I chased him away after 1 month. I am making alot of huge steps going back to college and learning better coping skills and I am going to start yoga and therapy and getting my meds on track. I just as of late feel like a problem to him and wonder why he would go to all this trouble he asked me to not do one thing and I did it repeatedly and not seeing that my actions are what caused it and yes he loves me and I love him so much I just almost want to let him go to live a happier life without me in. I guess I want him to just surprise visit me and keep hoping and praying but it hasn’t happened in a month so why would it in the next 2 months and my hopes just keep going down and I am just so disappointed even though he wouldn’t do it because he needs the space…

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  1. My niece has anxiety attacks… Since the death of her mother last year the day after Christmas,shes been having them frequently.The medicine they put her on made her act like a zombie. do u have them often?

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