10 thoughts on “being pretty”

  1. That is true and also

    Until you value yourself, you won’t value your time. Until you value your time, you will not do anything with it.

    I just starting reading this awesome book the road less traveled by M. Scott Peck it’s a very self evaluation and it really makes you think 🙂

  2. Yes we make alot of mistakes and sometimes I feel like I just keeping making mistakes im sorry I have bipolar disorder just recently diagnosed and having all my life not knowing but tonight is a manic depression state for me so I’m way down tonight

  3. hope u are having a better day today than yesterday. please dont be so hard on urself,u cannot help ur medical condition. be proud of who u are.i bet u are a really nice person.hope ur spirits are higher tonight.remember u can always count on God to pull you through.do not think negative about urself either…wake up every morning..and say I GOT THIS,and remain brave!

  4. im sorry you are still down.just remember you are not to blame for youre medical condition.try to think of something that makes u happy,thats what i do when im depressed.try letting go of all the negative in your life,and see if that helps you any.even if its negtive people pulling you down,let them go! hope that you are ok,take care!

  5. I am it’s just today I am in my manic depression and I don’t want to go anywhere but I have to work so I’ll see how work goes today try and make it thru the day

  6. hope u made it thru the day! praying for u a good night.ive got alot on my mind tonight….my sister will be dead one year the day after Christmas,and im already down and out.I live with my neice,her hubby,and my 2 teenage nephews.they miss their Mom so much.my neice took custody of her lil brothers,but i still live with them to help out,her and her hubby are only 23 yrs old.im tryin to be happy because of Christmas but its hard,knowing what the day after brings. i hope u have a good night! please leave a comment if youd like to.i enjoy hearing from u,i dont have alot of friends in our new city,we just moved her 8 months ago.take care!!!!

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