Better Day

Today i woke up with this feeling that have been killing me inside for a while. I was a bit depressed and sad and the worst part of it, is i didnt even know why i was feeling so bad. Okay now thinking about it, maybe i know but i didn’t want to admit it to myself. It’s been two weeks now since im frustrated with my relationship with him. I don’t want it that way, i have no reason to have any doubt about his love for me but still i can’t help myself. I think that deep down inside im scared of losing him and somehow i love him more than i think.  Fortunately things have been getting better today and i found myself just like i was before when everything was going fine with him. I’ve been missing him so bad during the day and somehow i just allowed myself to think about all the good memories with him and how he makes me feel when im with him. Then i realised that i wouldn’t be happy with anyone than with him. We will have our ups and downs, that’s for sure but i know that we will be able to deal with it. He is not perfect, im not perfect but im think that we are perfect for each other.  All i have to do now is think about the best and leave out all the rest. Happiness is a choice and today i choose to be happy 🙂

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  1. I am going thru that now as long as you guys communicate and be open with each other you should be good. It’s hard im still dealing with mine and it’s hard I’m dealing because he is worth it and I don’t want to not ever have him in my life

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