So, three days ago, my relationship that was a year and three months that day became turning toxic three months before. He became really controlling, constantly wanting me to call and text him every second of the day, and if I didn’t, we’d argue over the stupidest thing(s). So, I finally decided to end it. After that, Sunday night I got a text from his lovely mother, calling me names and saying “Don’t try texting him. He’s in the bathroom crying so hard he’s throwing up. Thanks for making his Christmas.” Now, that wasn’t true, because he was texting me nonstop, and what person can throw up and text at the same time? Exactly. Even though I don’t have the heart to block him, I really just need him to leave me alone. His mother used to treat me like I was her own daughter, and this shattered my heart as well as this break-up. I mean, a year and three months all down the drain because of a beautiful relationship, which happened to be my longest, turning toxic. And the bad part is that he won’t leave me alone, and his sister just keeps giving me this complete death stare, like she’s going to attack me at any point in the hallways. He lies and tells almost everyone that I broke it off for absolutely no reason, and that I was just a player who didn’t want actual love. I am so mentally hurt that it is making me physically hurt. I was so depressed and upset, that it made me feel sick, so I didn’t go to school even though I hate having to catch up on the typical high-school work that teachers pound us with.
But, who knows, maybe eventually he’ll finally realize I don’t want to talk to him anymore (even though I’ve told him at least a million times), or I’ll finally say that I’ve had enough and block him for good. But, until then, I’m going to try to focus on school, friends, and myself.


3 thoughts on “Heart-break”

  1. Dear I’ve been thru that except he is my ex husband and now he is still trying to control me thru our children honestly if you know it’s over for good block him because he isn’t going to leave you alone until he breaks you and you give in to going back to him trust me been there done that if you need someone to talk to I am here

  2. U did the right thing by breaking up with him.i have a cousin that spent 19 yrs of her life marrid to a man that was controling,to the point he made her turn her back on our family.she is 54 years old and finally filed for a divorce and will be free from his hellish controling ways.it has caused her serious mental abuse. i hope that he takes a hint and leaves u alone. i know its hard letting go after such a long relationship,but u will be better off. focus on the good things in ur life and try to rebuild ur life.

  3. my exgirlfriend was controlling calls when I’m at work if I don’t answer she texes if I don’t rerspond she facebooks me so I told her we need to split then her bipolar disorder kicked in it was a rotten thanksgiving week so now I trend slowly and yes she still texts me and I just ignore them

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