Man: Inherently Good or Evil? (Existential Crisis Topic)

So today im my history class we got on to the topic of whether or not the true nature of man was good or bad. Our teacher told us to think about it, because we are to write an essay on it in about a week. And think about I did… maybe a little too much.

Because as he continued class, I was stuck in my own mind mulling over the question. But the only conclusion I could come to was not good or evil. Man was inherently neither. Think about it, an animal kills off another animal and do we consider it bad? No, we consider it survival of the fittest. But a human kills off another human and we consider it murder, we consider it evil. Is a flower that grows in the forest, calmly and peacefully, never disturbing another creature considered “good?” No, it’s considered just a plant. Yet, we run into a human who acts this way and they are.

Man isn’t good nor evil because good and evil aren’t real. Man created good and evil, it’s nothing but a concept made up by our own overactive imaginations. So why are we all here debating whether or not this man was right or the other was wrong? Why are we all debating at all? The complex existence of life itself is nothing but survival. Man is survival.



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