Are you ready?

It’s time to give in. To let you in. Are you ready?

To know the real me.

Know the nightmares that haunt my mind.

Know it’s you that makes my heart beat steady…

To know the mere thought of you is what gets me through this hell we call life.

To realize your affection is what’s making me blind.

To know that when I’m in pain or wishing it would all just end, all I have to do is imagine your embrace and it all melts away.

To know how many times I’ve lashed out to defend our love.

Wow. Did you hear that?

Love. Something I never thought I’d say.

Something I never thought I’d actually feel, but the words glide like a dove.

It’s you that I need, whether you know it or not, it’s true.

Despite what I show, or don’t, do you see?

It’s you.

So let me ask again, are you ready? To know the real me?

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