Love is like Music

I don’t know if you guys have watched ‘Music and Lyrics’, with Hugh Grant and Drew Berrymore (if you didn’t, you absolutely should. It’s great).

There was a scene in which Sophie (Drew) said that melody is like intimacy and sex, and lyrics are the personality of a person.

And I say, it’s damn true.


There are some people who only looks for intimacy and sex in the other person, so only melody, kinda like house or instrumental music. It doesn’t sound right, does it?

On the other hand, there are people who only looks for the internal being of a person instead, kinda like acapellas songs. It still doesn’t sound right.

The magic about Love and Music is how the mix of melody and lyrics make you feel, the fusion of two wonderful pieces into one.


And, of course, Music is beautiful. But there are so many sad songs, as there are so many sad loves.

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