The dirty deeds no one sees

What are your confessions? Rose said a womans heart is a deep ocean full of secrets…so a mans heart must be a deep cave. Carved to the center but us as humans never able to venture too in or it will swallow us whole.

The man i have focused my hope and energy on is still seeking something missing in his life, and i cant seem to fulfill that. His need for a mother like figure. A gap made way before my existance was relevant to him. I am torn by this discovery. To see the dating sites slutty hook up registries and unexplainable amounts of dildo porn brings my feeling to a spin.

I dont mind porn at all…but the hook up registry? Why? You didnt even register in our town…what is this? Why are you there? No amount of anal, bdsm or domination can change what you seek. I try to find the right path through this cavern, and i keep running into pitholes that land me right back at the start.

I shouldnt be upset, or should i? Am i letting it pass to sooth over the arguement before its began? Or am i simply accepting the challenge and all the possible outcome?

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