Tired out

God I am so tired… My baby girl woke me at 5.30am after kind of a restless night, luckily today is her nursery day (as usually I work on Wednesdays) so she went to nursery and I stayed in bed for a little bit with a huge cup of tea watching Lorraine! That perked me up a bit! Spent my morning wrapping gifts… Had to wrap lots of little presents for my husbands work too ( he is a primary school teacher). That took a long time but was nice as I had Netflix on in the background and watched a film called “happy Christmas” or something like that: it had Lena Dunham in it and I love her. The film itself was pretty dull though, not very Christmassy!! Then I went to get my hair cut, I got it a lot shorter with a side fringe I really like it, I just need to dye it now myself. In the afternoon I attempted to finish knitting the mittens I’m making for my wee girl, but I made a mistake and ended up having to start from scratch which was kind of annoying. 😡Any ways hopefully I get them finished before Xmas! Baby girl had a great day at nursery though she had a fall and bruised her cheek wee soul 😔She came home and was shouting ‘mama mama’ from the car though ❤️Just watching some tv now and hopefully go to bed early… Husband making cookies I’ll maybe stay up to have one before I go! Night night x

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