Waking up to the unknown

I wake up, to the battle scars of last night, etched out on my arm. Am I an artist? For I’ve never seen my skin look so beautiful, I’ve never felt beautiful until I look down and see my desires and pain etched out onto this sun kissed canvas. I roll around, and my hand snakes out from under the covers to roam your side of the bed. But I grasp air. I open my eyes slowly and peek through my lashes to find your side perfectly made up. When did you leave? I can still taste your love on my tongue, how can that be? Waking up into an unknown world, where I’m half in love with your ghost, and half in love with who I use to be. Does that make us both ghosts? Where did you go, because this stranger in bed is left loving your skin cells printed onto my soul. Waking up without you,is such a unfamiliar thing indeed.

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