How I Got Here

I am the Adult Child of an Alcoholic. I have always known that my father was an alcoholic, but what I didn’t know is how deeply that shaped me into the human being I am today. 

My childhood was mostly rough going, with a few bright spots along the way. My father started drinking heavily when I was three years old. In fact, he was drunk and missing when my mother went into labor with my younger sister. I was almost four at the time. Two of my mother’s girl friends had to take her to the hospital. You would think after that, she would have left his ass. She didn’t, however. And so began the making of me, the adult child. 

One thought on “How I Got Here”

  1. My dad too was an alcoholic and it was had watching him through the years. My mom too stayed with him despite all this problems. It left my three brothers and I angry and bitter towards him. After he died 7 years ago I learned some things about his childhood that I had never been aware of. I think those sad things in his past are what haunted him and lead him to drink.
    Not everyone has a happy family life, I know mine wasn’t. But you now have to work through those things in your past that hurt you and you will come out so much stronger.
    You are never alone.

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