Journey One

Let see, since i’m new here.
Hi name Alex, 24 years old, i’m little shy for a boy. I live in Jakarta, Indonesia. Work in a store since it was only job i got. i have problem with money, i mean i had much dept in around me like Study loans or House bills.

With my friend Edi we use to be classmate since collage and now work in same store.

I starter follow good night journal cause yasterday something happen and i want share this story.

Yesterday Mr.R calling me and yelling me if i can’t pay my rent he will kick me out from my apartement.
Gezz… how can i got money that fast… you see the store where i work isn’t much visitor.

i groan and suddenly that guys come in… i look at him, this guy kinda look like that guy from terminator. with his white t-shirt and black jacket, jeans also combat boot. And also is he from westren? i asking myself.

i say ‘Welcome’ but he just ignore me and walk in. Hm how rude? how about a ‘Thank you’ or at least a smile.

after a minute he come over chasier where i stand. usualy is Edi but since his nature’s calling so he let me stand for him.

‘How much’ he asking when place counter with some snack and beer? If i remember. So he use English language.
‘is seventy thoundsand rupiah.’ i answer.
he just nod and find his wallet i guess. but he seem little hard find his wallet he look over left pocket and right pocket also the jacket pocket but still find nothing.

‘Fuck’ he curse himself. hm again how rude. ‘this can’t happen right now.’

i roll my eyes and realize i don’t have time to deal with this. So i put my wallet out and grab fifty thousand rupiah and twenty thousand rupiah.

‘Here, done’ i say after place seventy thoudsand rupiah in register.

‘Sorry guess i forget my wallet in gym.’ Gym huh? that explain his muscle hand.

‘I will pay back when i found my wallet.’ he say. but i just shook my head.
‘No need.’ i lied. of course you have to! seventy thoudsand can pay my lunch for tomorrow.

‘I will back when i found my wallet, okay?’ he said again and leave.

Okay… let see first i have a dept here and i meet this jerk and my seventy thoudsand rupiah fly for nothing…

and the worse he not back!! curse me!!!

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