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just sittung here thinkin about the guy i love and all the miles between us. i live in georgia and he lives in texas,and we dont get to see each other much.we love each other very much and we text n talk all the time but its not the same as face to face contact.no matter how many pics and videos u share,it doesnt make up for it. sometimes i get scared he will decide to call it quits due to the long distance between us. not only is he my boyfriend,but he is my best friend,and i miss him terribly bad. we have been together for a year and a half already,and we have a great relationship between us.if anyone else has a long distance relationship please tell me how you deal with not being abe to see one another alot. all comments are welcomed.thank you!

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  1. That’s what I am going thru now with my boyfriend but because of my past relationships messed me up so that is why I am doing all this to better myself before him and I continue to move on with our relationship but we’d talk send videos text and talk but it still isn’t the same either I feel you on that

  2. Hello there. I read this because the title caught my eye…I also live in Georgia, and I know that this entire state seems to have very “slim pickings” when it comes to dating. Almost all of my past relationships have been long-distance. They’ve always been hard. None of them have worked, but really, the distance wasn’t ever the issue- it was always me choosing to be with crappy guys (lol). And I’ve always been jealous of my friends, who are all married or have their significant others right there with them- It seems like they take that closeness to their partners for granted. I know how that fear feels, that he’ll get frustrated and call it quits. But really, It all comes down to trust and communication. My biggest problem was always being very paranoid and untrusting- I know now that in order for a relationship to work, you have to trust your partner, and communicate if you feel something is off, instead of tearing apart his facebook page for clues. You’ve been with him for a year and a half, so I’d say it seems like it’s going strong. Hope I helped a little bit! 🙂

  3. thank you all for ur comments.so far we have a great relationship going between us. i dont know what the future might hold but for now its good. We love each other,and we totally trust one another. Im going to see him in 2 weeks,so we are excited about that! thanks again for the comments.

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