one bad thing after another keeps happening and theres nothing i can fucking do about it.

who am i, when no ones watching? a teenager with a damaged soul. who am i when everyones watching? a nervous shy wreck.

sometimes i miss them and sometimes i don’t. either way it hurts like hell. my best friend? a cold bitch who disappeared after i stood up for myself.

boyfriend? an asshole who only liked my body.

friends? thought i was a slut.

family? hate me all together.

i don’t belong here. i belong where its cold, and the city is always awake.

people always tell me i look sad and tired. i come up with an excuse. i am sad and tired.

the lights are fading and so am i.

2 thoughts on “SUMMER OF HURT”

  1. When the music hits you feel no pain,
    search for the light within and let it shine bright, bright into the eyes of anyone that wants to upset you.
    love yourself.

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