St. Louis Third Degree Glass Factory: Delmar Blvd.

Today was the first day of my winter break for college! It’s crazy how quickly the semester flew by, and now an entire month off. It’s weird not having a constant amount of things to work on. Anyway, I woke up early to get packed quickly (no time for a shower or breakfast) and picked up my friend that needed a ride to the airport near my hometown. The ride was much more enjoyable having someone to pass the time with!

After dropping him off, I made my way to my parent’s home where I spent time until 5 pm, when my boyfriend came to pick me up for a night out in the city. We went the the Third Degree Glass Factory on the Delmar Loops in St. Louis, where we designed a pair of earrings, looked at the gallery, ate some yummy food, and watched a presentation on glass blowing.

Earring designing: We went to a table filled with all different kinds of glass-like pieces. We picked out which pieces we wanted, then cut them into the size/psudo-shape we wanted to fit on our earring pendant. From there, clear glue was added and the earrings were taken to be placed in the kiln later that evening. I chose a pretty combination of gold, brown, and dark orange. Get to pick them up Wednesday! (They take a long time to cool)

Gallery: SO beautiful were some of the pieces. I didn’t realize why they were so expensive until the glass blowing presentation later…

Glass Blowing presentation: A man that had studied in Italy for glass blowing showed us a live presentation on how to make a bottle made from two separate pieces. So much time and effort goes into making what seems like a simple piece; constant turning of the metal rod he blows the glass on; layers upon layers; quick work; hot environment; and no, you can’t take a break when working with melted glass. I learned so much that I never knew before… biggest one being that the glass they work with is so hot that they have to put it in an oven when they’re done to cool down. It can’t cool down at room temperature or it will shatter into pieces. Never thought about that before!

Food: Ok, there was a food catering restaurant at the Glass Factory that I had wanted to eat at before (it’s an actually sit down restaurant in St. Louis). It’s called Urban Eats. Basically they have a bunch of really yummy, creative, healthy foods of which recipes they create or spin off of other recipes. What I had was a chicken hot dog with Asian slaw, red cabbage, and honey mustard. I also had Asian bao for the first time, which is like a fist-sized dumpling with a soft spongy bread outer layer with meat inside. They paired the bao with their homemade teriyaki sauce. I CAN’T WAIT TO EAT AT THIS PLACE AGAIN!

After that, my boyfriend was starving because he refused to eat the Urban Eats food because he said it looked gross… LOL… so we went to my favorite restaurant down the road, Seoul Taco. I was full, so I got a bubble tea next door and hung out with him while he ate. All in all, I’d say I had quite a successful evening of fun!

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