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Just geting ready to watch a movie before going to bed.Today has been a good day.Just got alot of feelins and emotions going thru my head and heart tonite.I am very excited about the Holidays,Im lookin forward to spending it with my family,it will be the first Christmas weve spent with them in about 10 or 11 yrs.Its a long story as to why its been so long.But the day after Christmas is gonna really be sad cause it will be 1 yr since my sister passed awatimy know it will be a day filled with tears,and reminiscing about times spent with her.I live with her daughter,son n law,and 2 teenage sons.I am trying to not let them see me cry,I dont wanna ruin their Holidays.I have so many cherished memories of her.She wasnt just my big sis,she was my best friend too! We shared many laughs and tears together over the years,and we always had each others backs…no matter what! I am just missin her really bad tonite, and i dont have have anyone to talk to about it,so my mind is flooded with thoughts ,some happy and some sad.  I hope that typing this entry here will help me some. I just had to get it off my chest and share it with someone. If anyone is having similar troubles please comment..or if u just wanna comment feel free to do so! Thanks for taking the time to read my entry! goodnight to u all !

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  1. Thank u Nani,Merry Christmas to u as well! I am trying to hav a good one,but I iss my sister dearly. I know she would want me and her kids to be happy.I have got to be strong for her kids,cause they will really be sad the day after Christmas.God will pull us thru and keep us strong. Have a good night!

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