who is successful

Let us hypothetically imagine there are three friends… say A, B, C

A is innocent, obedient, good looking, clever, respects elders and parents. B is average in everything. C is good in some and normal in some qualities. All three finished their studies and acquired their respective degrees. A married the boy chosen by her parents. They matched the horoscope and selected him. B had a love marriage to his classmate who is not of same caste, religion, state, language etc. C also had love marriage. He married his friend’s sister.

Fast forward 25 years.  A is miserable in her life. Despite obeying he in-laws, she is not respected at home. Even her only child is not happy with her. There are many restrictions on her at home and outside. B is in a good job, wife is very co-operative. His child is also loving and independent and respects parents. C started a business and made it a multi million Rs company. His child is studying abroad. He earns in crores of rupees. recently he divorced his wife and married again.

So now who is successful among the three?

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