Christmas in Old Town St. Charles, MO

Went to Historic St. Charles, MO today with my mom for their annual Christmas festivities! It’s such a beautiful area, right along the river, with old buildings along the main strip filled with shops and galleries! 

When we first arrived there was a parade going on with all of the carolers and other characters walking up the main strip (they have people dressed in old-English outfits all evening). After that, we went into two art galleries and a few shops. One shop had dozens of balsamic vinegars and olive oils to taste, of which we ended up buying my favorite: bourbon maple. I also bought a beautiful scarf in another shop, and Berry’s Irish black tea in the English/Irish shop! I also wanted to buy my favorite piece of art (picture attached) of a handmade Christmas ornament, hollow with a 3-D circus inside. That was one of the best things I’ve ever seen! ….. but out of my price range. At least I got a picture!

After a few hours we were hungry, so we stopped in a bar where we sat in the window seat, separate from the rest of the bar. The windows were the size of the entire wall, and even had cute white paint trimming to look like a cool winter night.We people watched from inside and ate some burgers! (Side note — I later ate my leftover burger with the balsamic vinegar I bought and it was heavenly.)

To finish off the evening, we walked between to two rows of Christmas lit trees along the river. It was a beautiful chilly (but not too chilly) winter evening, and to believe that no one else was over there! From there, we saw more lights at the main strip, so we went over to find cute statues and decorations set up for the holidays! (Picture of me with my favorite of those decorations attached)

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